Direct N-Pakt LLC was formed in Houston, Texas by Joseph Latorre in 2008 as a multi-facet company supporting both global packaging solutions and consulting services to streamline processes and procedures.

Direct N-Pakt LLC was formed out of necessity for a quality solution to a deprived global market. Investigative research conducted by Direct N-Pakt LLC meeting with potential clients across 31 countries resulted in missed opportunities associated with substandard Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) on a global level. This is a growing concern in the global market, with no resolution is sight.

In lieu of this global concern, Direct N-Pakt LLC was formed, and in October of 2008, Direct N-Pakt LLC joined forces with Acura Industrias to manufacture products in Mexico. This was a strategic move to merge Direct N-Pakt’s exceptional strength in global procurement, sourcing, logistics and business development, with Acura’s strength in manufacturing low-cost, high-quality IBCs in Mexico.

Our customers deserve the very best products and services available in today’s global market, but the IBC segment of this market has failed to deliver a quality product; therefore, Direct N-Pakt LLC has focused its effort towards manufacturing a flawless IBC to meet this growing demand. As a standard process, Direct N-Pakt LLC’s IBCs will go thru a rigorous 3rd party certification process. In addition, the IBCs will also be tested for 100% weld penetration by a 3rd party test laboratory. This cost will be “Free of Charge” to our customers, and it will be absorbed by Direct N-Pakt LLC thru the low labor costs of manufacturing the IBCs in Mexico.

In November of 2008, Direct N-Pakt LLC displayed their first IBC at the ADIPEC 2008 in Abu Dhabi thru Check Point. Teamwork is our greatest strength, and it will continue to be the driving force within Direct N-Pakt LLC. We are always looking towards innovation to produce results in a competitive global market to lower cost and increase market share.

As the future unfolds, Direct N-Pakt LLC begins 2011 with a NEW name – Direct N-Pakt Inc.!