Corrosion Inhibitor Series


At Direct N-Pakt…we manufacturer, market, and distribute a distinguished line of intermediates and formulated, field proven, products to the oilfield and agriculture sectors of our industry. We specialize in custom toll blending and packaging and reaction processes.

Our Product Lines… find applications in the following areas:

  • Intermediates
  • Oilfield
  • Stimline
  • Agriculture

Chemical Manufacturing, Marketing and Distribution…Direct N-Pakt’s expertise is in ethoxylation, proproxylation, chlorination, quaternization, and alkylation along with other general chemical synthesis of specialty and semi-specialty surfactants. Plant services now include chemical reactions, toll blending, private labeling, storage, and private on-site lab. Direct N-Pakt services many diverse industries, such as: oil and gas, agricultural, rubber, metalworking, textile, coatings, industrial detergents, asphalt, mining, food, and personal care industry.

Committed to Serving Our Customers…We are committed to developing and maintaining solid, long-term relationships with our customers. They are the most important part of our business.

Our Chemical Professionals…brings decades of chemical industry expertise to providing high quality products, and exceptional service. Your company expects total dedication, fairness and professionalism from us, and Direct N-Pakt seeks to meet your expectations with superior value and responsive customer service.

Contact Direct N-Pakt…today to discuss your Company’s chemical needs and how we may help you find the perfect solutions.

Corrosion Inhibitor Series - Information

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