IBC Standard

sibc1 The Standard Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Composite is “The World-Class Material Handling Solution” when shipping and handling bulk liquids. Direct N-Pakt’s Passport IBC is your cost-effective solution. The world-class shipping container is labeled UN31HA1 and offers all of the economical advantages of a light- weight composite IBC combined with the dependability you have come to expect with the Direct N-Pakt name. The Passport IBC is offered in a 220, 275 and 330 gallon capacity with a wide range of pallet, lid and valve options. In addition, the Passport IBC’s ReturnNet System® gives you the peace-of-mind that the IBC will be reconditioned and recycled in an environmentally responsible way. Contact Direct N-Pakt and discover the many advantages of the Passport IBC: Advantage One: Manufacturing

  • Quality Assurance: The Passport IBC is manufactured in a ISO 9001 certified facility which ensures a consistent reliable product.
  • Highest Output: Efficient automated manufacturing ensures on-time shipping at a competitive price.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The Passport IBC is labeled UN31HA1 for the handling and transport of Class II and III hazardous materials.

Advantage Two: Innovation

  • Pallet: The Passport IBC is available in three standard pallet styles: wood, steel or plastic. Each style pallet allows for four-way fork-entry and can be stacked with other commercially available IBC’s.
  • Bottle: The Passport IBC comes with a blow-molded bottle with high-density polyethylene which makes it compatible with the broadest range of chemicals and food grade products.
  • Cage: The Passport IBC comes with a unique square galvanized steel tubular design which is manufactured using a patented four-point automated welding process.

Advantage Three: Service

  • Environmentally Responsible: The ReturnNet system® is a global container management program which ensures the proper recycling and handling of the Passport IBC.
  • Global Availability: Through PacNet, the Passport IBC’s are available from state-of-the-art facilities and distribution points throughout the world.
Nominal Capacity Nominal Width Nominal Length Nominal Height Fill Opening Discharge Opening
220 Gallons 40" 48" 40" 6" 2"
275 Gallons 40" 48" 46" 6" 2"
330 Gallons 40" 48" 54" 6 2

IBC Standard Technical Data Sheet