Eco-Friendly Chemicals


ABOUT US…Direct N-Pakt provides plant based chemistries that are made from sustainable materials which include seeds, grains, root oils and esters. Our goal is to bring you the most powerful, plant-based products that enable you to replace petroleum-based counterparts without compromising efficacy.

WHAT WE DO…We utilize a unique surfactant system that enables you to achieve a clean surface while saving time, labor, and water. Our versatile solutions contain powerful ion-saturates for the most demanding cleaning environments with the least amount of impact to surface waters, soil and air. We’d like to show you how little of our chemistry and water is required to properly clean just about anything in home, industry, agriculture, marine and food production.

OUR ADVANTAGES…Our non-ionic formula utilizes the power of tall plant oils in colloidal form to produce the cleanest surface with the least amount of product, labor, and water.

Colloids contain what are called micelles. When combined with water, these micelles break the surface tension of water, which produces ‘super wet’ water- resulting in less water use. The micelles of these colloidal tall oils with longer chain molecules have the same penetrating impact on hydrocarbons, dirt, oils, lipids, sugars, etc. The result is a highly efficacious product that is gentle on the surfaces it is cleaning, which greatly improves the life-cycle maintenance of equipment, parts and surfaces. In addition, our formula is more efficient at soil load, which results in significantly less product use.

Lastly, the product is also in an inseparable state. As a result, it is freeze/thaw stable, significantly reducing constraints on when and where we can ship our products. As a consumer, the major benefit of this stability is a product with a longer shelf life.

  • High efficacy- greatly reduces labor, time and water use.
  • Reduces energy input for application (time, temperature, rinse, and dry).
  • Less water required for rinsing.
  • Non-abrasive- no damage to equipment surfaces.
  • Worker safe, lower liability.
  • No residue build-up.
  • Long shelf life- guaranteed long-term product stability through full dilution range (1%-100% in solution).
  • Freeze thaw stable- flexible shipping and storage cycle.
  • Readily Biodegradable.
  • Renewable ingredients (non-petroleum).
  • Optimum environmental profile.
  • Non-GMO Ingredients