IBC Heavy Duty

hd2 The Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Composite (Heavy Duty) is designed to gain the greatest possible volume while using a minimum amount of space. This IBC is easy to fill, easy to stack and easy to load, and it’s the best solution for transporting and storing a widest range of chemicals and food grade products at the lowest possible cost. Food grade products require a new inner tank with new valve, caps, and gaskets. Offering the highest quality in space-saving bulk containers, this IBC is designed for multiple trips, hazardous and non-hazardous lading applications. It meets UN Standard 31HA1 for liquids in Packing Groups II and III with specific gravities up to 1.9.

Capacity Tare Weight Length Width Height
180 Gallons 538 lbs. 48” 42” 45”
250 Gallons 580 lbs. 48” 42” 51"
350 Gallons 676 lbs. 48” 42” 63”
400 Gallons 788 LBS. 48” 42" 72"



IBC Heavy Duty Technical Data Sheet