LNG Processing


Direct N-Pakt…is the leading supplier of pure gases to the Specialty Gas Industry with particular focus on the supply of Liquid Ethylene to LNG processing plants around the world. We have the manufacturing, purification, repackaging, and distribution capabilities to satisfy your every demand.

The La Porte, Texas facility is strategically positioned to optimize the availability and decrease your freight cost. It is located less than 2-miles from the Port of Houston’s Barbour’s Cut Container Terminal…one of the largest ports in the world.

Direct Communication to the Source for Efficiency & Reduced Costs…Handle the process from point A to Z.

Direct N-Pakt…offers the advantage of direct supplier communication for LNG Processing plant liquid ethylene needs. Your costs are reduced from shortening the supply chain, and you can be confident that your deliveries will be on time and consistently of high quality.

Shortening Supply Chain Benefits…

  • Reduced Costs
  • Maintain Operational Safety
  • Minimize Possibility of Delays
  • Secure Chain of Custody
  • Eliminate Transfer Points

As a Direct N-Pakt Customer…your usage information for each LNG Processing Plant will be maintained in a database to track production depletion rates, recharging dates, and shipment deadlines. With this system, Direct N-Pakt ca manage each step of the delivery process, calculate the need for reoccurring shipments, and then initiate the process for product replenishment.

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