About Direct N-Pakt…we can manufacture industrial grade, specialty cleaning chemical, designed to remove tars, resins, and other hard to remove substances. In addition, our team of professionals has developed one of the most advanced mobile liquid scrubber system in the United States, which are distributed at 90% of all major chemical and refinery installations. We offer a large array of skid and trailer mounted vapor scrubber systems which are able to handle flow rates from 100 to over 6000 CFM. Direct N-Pakt can also design and manufacture carbon adsorption systems to customer’s specification.

In addition to vapor scrubber units, Direct N-Pakt sells blowers, pumps, and flame arrestors. We also build pump systems and are fully knowledgeable with reference to installation and troubleshooting of pH controllers, flow control devices, logic controllers, and much more.

Commitment to the Environment…Direct N-Pakt’s system is designed to remove hazardous vapors such as hydrocarbons or H2S from the air during a whole host of situations and activities. Unlike combustive technologies (Thermal oxidizers or IC Engines), our systems do not produce contaminants such as NOx or SOx during the scrubbing or adsorption process. For example, chlorinated hydrocarbons such as EDC (ethylene dichloride) produce acid when burned. Not only is this a problem for the machine while burning, but it’s also a problem for the air and personnel operating in the area. This is true for other compounds such as chlorine, ammonia and chlorinated solvents; however, scrubbers are able to remove the compounds and have zero negative impact on the environment. In these cases, our liquid scrubber units are the only viable solution.

Direct N-Pakt’s chemicals used in the scrubber units are eco-friendly, with 95% of the chemicals used in our systems are able to go back into a WWTP for bio-remediation. Our oil-based scrubbing solution BIO-SCRUB X is able to absorb hydrocarbons and in most cases be used as a fuel in boilers or other similar systems.

Direct N-Pakt also manufactures chemical media’s, which rapidly speeds up bio-degredation of hydrocarbons and oils in soils. We have two chemicals that when used in conjunction have shown to dramatically reduce TPH levels in soils within a few days. These two compounds (Carbonil XT and Bulldogg) leach out the oils from the soil and then provide an environment for microbial action. These are used primarily in tank batteries which leak or when a spill occurs. R&A Technology has had great success around the country with these two products. R&A has saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in expensive clean-up by using these two chemicals to clean up their spills.

In short, Direct N-pakt is concerned about the environment, and our goal is to provide mechanical and chemical solutions to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Typically, we find our technology to be more cost-effective than the alternatives, which can reduce environmental impact and save our customers money.