About Direct N-Pakt, Inc…manufacturing a diverse assortment of antifoam and defoaming liquids. From our extensive line of food-grade silicone antifoams to a customized defoamer tailored to meet your specific industrial application, finding a solution to your foaming problem is the foundation upon which Direct N-Pakt was born.

Direct N-Pakt’s antifoam and defoamers are manufactured in a modern and superbly clean manufacturing facility, conveniently poised to deliver products anywhere around the globe.

Our Specialty is Identifying Liquid Solutions for your Foaming Problems…although we specialize in supplying silicone antifoam emulsions to the food industry, our products find utility in applications as varied as wastewater treatment, chemical manufacturing, cleaning formulations and fermentations. We take great pride in the high level of care and attention placed on all facets of our business.

Direct N-Pakt’s Product Overview…we offer a variety of products including a fine selection of:

  • Silicone Antifoam Emulsions for Food Processing
  • Silicone Antifoam Emulsions for Industrial Applications
  • Silicone Antifoam Compounds
  • Non-Silicone Defoamers for Food Processing
  • Non-Silicone Defoamers for Industrial Applications

What You Can Expect From Direct N-Pakt…producing exceptional products doesn’t just happen: it’s the culmination of a synergism amongst our partners forged from hard work, ambition, and the sheer determination to do things right. As a family owned company, Direct N-Pakt is vitally aware of the obligations to our customers, and we are fortunate to have a talented team of professionals, each of whom is empowered to suggest improvements and make changes to ensure that only the best antifoams leave the facility.

Take a closer look toward…what we can offer our customers:

  • Superior Customer Service
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Private Labeling
  • Packaging Options
  • Tailor-made Formulations
  • Professional Technical Support
  • Product Pasteurization
  • Kosher Certification
  • Halal Certification (Upon Request Only)