IBC Green

ibcg1The Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Green Composite is designed to offset the current IBC with break-thru technology. This new concept provides the customer’s with various options for the Inner Liner, minimizing the disposition costs for IBCs, while eliminating freight charges. This is not a new concept, but a modification to the old concept of the “Bag-in-a-Box”, which is also known as the “Collapsible Bag-in-a-Box” IBC. The original concept had the following flaws:

  • It required excessive labor to assemble
  • The Ball Valve installation required a hole to be puncture in the bag, causing leakage
  • It was difficult to collapse, dispose, clean, and it was not suitable for outside storage due to climatic conditions.

This new design comes complete with an Inner and Outer Liner. The Ball Valve and Lid is already assembled from the factory. This new break-thru design was developed with the customer in mind:

  • The Inner and Outer Bag is form-fitted to use on existing cages
  • The installation requires no tech support
  • The IBC Green can be filled from the top or bottom
  • The Inner and Outer Bag is resistant to flex cracking
  • The Bag is resistant to various chemicals
  • It has a direct fitting to the IBC Ball Valve
  • The Bag is designed for high PSI
  • The Bag is reusable and provides a Top Seal for tampering evidence


  • The Inner Liner Cassette is made of 3-ply, 9-mils LLDPE
  • The Inner Liner has a 2” NPT Fitting for Plug and Eyelet, made of HDPE
  • The Outlet is a 2” HD Buttress threaded fitting for the IBC Ball Valve, but can be replaced to accommodate a 2" NPT Ball Valve upon customer request.
  • The Molded Valve Mount and Outlet is made of HDPE
  • The Outer Liner is made of Woven Poly-Pro
Capacity Width Length Height Fill Opening Discharge Opening
220 40” 48” 40” 6” 2”
275 40” 48” 46” 6” 2”
330 40” 48” 54” 6” 2”

Note1: The IBC Green has an optional 2” or 6” Opening for Fill. Note2: The future IBC Green will have an option to ship the frame as a kit for logistical efficiency.