IBC Diesel Emissions Fluid Dispensing System

There has been a new development to comply with the stricter EPA 2010 Emission Standards. A Diesel Emissions Fluid (DEF) Dispensing System has been designed to comply with the new EPA regulations. Freight, Transportation and Municipalities that own, manage or service on-road diesel fleets can use this system today to bring their vehicles into compliance. The DEF Dispensing System is a flexible system for the transport, storage and discharge of Urea solution. This is available in 275 gallon or 330 gallon capacities. The system is designed for on-demand dispensing. The package includes an air powered pump, easy pump mounting bracket, suction hose, dispensing hose, nozzle and pressure relief vent. In addition, a digital dispensing meter can also be added to the package so you can track the amount of solution being dispensed. The Passport DEF System is easy to install, and we are committed to helping our customers with solutions to meet on-going regulatory challenges. To learn more about this new dispensing system today, contact your local Direct N-Pakt Sales Representative or send us an e-mail inquiry.


digitalmeterThe digital meter can be added to the DEF Dispensing System package to give you accurate readings when dispensing the urea solution. “Retail Approved” meter available. pallets1The Passport storage unit is available with various pallet styles to include a steel pallet, with a bonded plastic bottom ring to prevent gouging and scuffing of the floor surface. Storage units are in stock and ready for delivery. defcontainer1What is DEF? Diesel Emissions Fluid (DEF), a Urea solution which is used in conjunction with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) converter. This will react with the diesel exhaust, resulting in a chemical breakdown producing plain nitrogen and water vapor. Why do I need to know this? In 2010, the stricter EPA Standards will be in place, and enforcement will begin. DEF and SCR systems will bring diesel emissions in compliance with these new EPA Standards. The design is an efficient and economical dispensing system that helps you maintain your fleet of diesel vehicles in compliance with EPA Standards.

IBC Diesel Emissions Fluid Technical Data Sheet