Side Door Bins

sidedoorThe Side Door Bin is an extremely efficient and patented door design that has been utilized in virtually every conceivable bulk handling situation. The most common industries which utilize the Side Door Bin’s include Pharmaceutical, Food Service, Plastics, Chemicals and many other industries with similar requirements. This unique Side Door Bin design allows even the stickiest of materials to discharge quickly and completely. STANDARD FEATURES

  • Stackable up to three high
  • Hinge choices: Notched, curled or piano style
  • Cropped corner, No product-trap design
  • 5052-H34 aluminum
  • 12” white snap-in lids
  • Interior and exterior welds as laid, chemically cleaned
  • Stainless Steel cam
  • Latch dog


  • Stainless Steel • Mild steel
  • Finish choices: Industrial to mirror polish
  • Special sizes available
  • Top opening options: 9, 12, 18, 22 inch diameter round
  • Hinged or completely open top
  • Variety of gasket materials
  • USDA certification
  • UN/DOT tested and tagged
  • Combination lifting lug/leg positioner
42 CU FT 44-3/4 41-5/8 37-1/8
74 CU FT 71-1/2 68-3/8 63-7/8
90 CU FT 85-3/8 82-1/4 77-3/4
110 CU FT 100-1/2 97-3/8 92-7/8

Side Door Bins Technical Data Sheets