image42361The Acutote is available in both Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel 304 or 316 Material. Our steel IBCs are the perfect bulk handling solution for a variety of applications where flammable materials, high temperature exposure (> 140º F), or extreme cleanliness requirements are ideally suited for steel IBCs. Our IBCs can be configured to meet the most stringent design requirements for capacity. Standard Features

  • Standard Footprint is 42" x 48" Design
  • 22 5/16” Drum Cover with EPDM Gasket with a 3” Fusible Cap
  • Plated Carbon Steel Ring Assembly with Plated Bolt & Nut
  • Top Assembly consists of 4-Stackable Lifting Lugs, 1/4" Thick, with a 2" Bung Plug
  • A Sloped Bottom Assembly with side drain consists of a Valve Guard, 2" Nipple, 2" 90-Degree Elbow, 2" Adapter, and 2" Ball Valve with Reversible Handle. Standard 3-Way Fork Entry.
  • 4, 6" Leg Assemblies with Leg Caps
  • Material is made of 10Gauge with SS304 and a 2B Finish
  • Standard Capacities are 350gallon and 550gallon IBCs
  • IBCs are Certified to UN 31A specifications, to include a 3rd Party Inspection and 100% Weld Penetration test
  • IBCs are tested to 3PSI


  • Material can be Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 304 , Stainless Steel 316 or Aluminum
  • The finish can be #4 up to mirror finish
  • The footprint can made to customer specification
  • IBC capacity range from 180gallon up to 793gallon with UN Certification
  • IBC bottoms can be manufactured with a center drain per customer request
  • Fork channels are optional for 2-way and 4-way forklift entry
  • Legs can be made to customer specifications
  • IBCs can be modified to accept to heating and cooling Dimple Jackets, Drum Cover with coil, heating Belt and Jacket
  • IBCs can be modified to accept gauges to measure liquid from top or side
  • Valves and Fusible/Vacuum Vents are optional
Capacity Height Weight
180 Gallon 29 1/4" 344 lbs.
250 Gallon 35 1/4" 384 lbs.
300 Gallon 41 1/4" 425 lbs.
350 Gallon 47 1/4" 465 lbs.
446 Gallon 59 1/4" 546 lbs.
550 Gallon 71 1/4" 627 lbs.
793 Gallon 73 3/4" 1085 lbs.

Metal Container - Liquid / Dry Technical Data Sheet