s-ultra1,jpgThe Ultratainer is well suited for handling heavy materials up to a 1.9 specific gravity. The Wide Mouth cylindrical design option makes cleaning more efficient. In addition, the Wide Mouth’s 20” opening provides easy access to the interior of the container for cleaning and inspection. The Ultratainer brings together the superior structural integrity of a cylindrical tank with the easy-to-handle benefits of a square shape. wm-ultra1STANDARD FEATURES

  • Retractable Lifting Lugs (optional) offer superior top lifting capability with crane hook attachments.
  • Top Protector prevents impact damage to top opening. Stacking alignment ribs securely stack tanks up to 4 high.
  • UN DOT authorized 100 KPa pressure rating (15 psi). 428KPa pressure rating (62 psi) also available.
  • 2” Bottom Drain valve provides complete tank drainage.
  • Four Way Forklift and pallet jack access.
  • Molded-in gallonage marker for at-a-glance monitoring.
  • Heavy Duty polyethylene base and stacking frame has a double wall construction for superior durability in forklift channels. It transfers the stacking loads from base to base to reduce stress on the inner tank.
  • Heavy Duty Inner Tank is cylindrical to provide superior structural integrity that resists sidewall bulging and handles higher pressure capacity.
  • Two replaceable 2” bungs provide proven reliability on UN and D.O.T. authorized IBCs.

image27431Wide Mouth

  • 20” Tank opening provides greater access for container cleaning, inspection and drying.
  • 2” threaded cap and gasket for the Wide Mouth design has raised molded bosses for quick and easy handling and tightening.


  • Top lifting lugs allow the use of crane-hook attachment
  • Cleaning head assembly
  • Sanitary valve and lifting connections
  • Anti-teeter bars
  • Pressure and vacuum relief devices, draw tube closures, hose assemblies, alternative gaskets and valve materials.
  • The Wide Mouth version also offers an optional disposable liner system that lets you eliminate the cleaning process altogether
Capacity Tare Weight Standard Tare Weight Wide Mouth Length Width Height
220 Gallons 268 lbs. (311 lbs. (HW)) 293 lbs. (300 lbs. (HW)) 46” 46” 54”
275 Gallons 289 lbs. (335 lbs. (HW)) 315 lbs. (321 lbs. (HW)) 46” 46” 62”
330 Gallons 309 lbs. (367 lbs. (HW)) 335 lbs. (341 lbs. (HW)) 46” 46” 70”

Ultratainer Technical Data Sheet