mt1 The Megatainer can lower your packaging and shipping costs, which can enhance the profitability of your high-volume, low-margin commodity of chemical transportation. The Megatainer’s large, versatile and lightweight portable tank design allows almost any shipper to transport bulk liquids more costefficient without jeopardizing safety or the environment. The Megatainer is the industry’s largest polyethylene IBS that’s suitable for both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. FEATURES

  • mtline12” replaceable bung opening for accessory installation. (i.e. draw tube, pressure and/or vacuum relief vents, stacked discharge receiving connections, etc.
  • Top lifting package (optional) offers superior lifting capability for crane and hoist handling.
  • Structural rib design provides unparalleled container strength and durability for all handling applications.
  • 1/2” thick polyethylene walls provide superior impact strength and resistance to environmental stress cracking.
  • 4–way forklift and pallet jack accessibility makes container handling versatile and convenient
  • 2” full port valve accommodates full bottom drainage without sacrifi cing safety
  • Molded-in gallonage marker for at-a-glance monitoring.
  • UN/DOT certification (UN31H2/HM-181E) is molded into container wall, which ensures long-term legibility.
  • 6.5” GEM cap and seal provides easy access and proven durability.
  • Stacking alignment lug assures containers are stacked securely and that the load is transferred properly.
Capacity Tare Weight Length Width Height
550 Gallons 570 lbs. 81" 48" 60"


Megatainer Technical Data Sheet