Heavy Duty Lift Bins

image20071The Heavy Duty Top Lift Bin has a hopper lid and is designed specifically for lifting heavy materials in critical environments, such as the offshore and catalyst markets.


  • Bulk Density Rating of 100 lbs per cubic foot
  • Reinforced Top Lifting Eyelets.
  • Multiple Discharge Outlet sizes—8”, 10”, 12” Flanged outlets.
  • UN/DOT design available.
  • 45º or 60º standard hopper angles.


  • Multiple Top-Opening options in sizes up o 24” or a complete open top.
  • Lifting/Stacking Alignment Lugs provide top lifting capability and enable container to be stacked easily and safely.
  • Proprietary Company Logo or Product Information can be permanently embossed within the container sidewall.
  • 1/2” Nominal Wall Thickness in tank and base provides superior resistance to impacts and environmental stress cracking.
  • 45º or 60º Standard Hopper Angles –other hopper angles available upon request.
  • Translucent Polyethylene Bottle allows users to view material usage through tank wall without using level indicator.

HDLPE Material Construction

  • Eliminates corrosion and the associated maintenance costs.
  • Complies with applicable FDA, NSF and USDA standards.
  • UN/DOT Certified IBCs (pending) or use in the transportation of hazardous materials.
  • Multiple Discharge Options
  • Butterfly Valve
  • Sanitary Butterfly Valve
  • Iris Valve
  • Slide Gate
  • Other