Bulk Barrels

image1691The Bulk Barrel is used for wines, allowing the right amount of valuable oxygen molecules to permeate the vessel’s sidewall. The Bulk Barrel’s unique proprietary design is virtually impermeable to water and alcohol vapor, which eliminates the leaking and routine topping requirements associated with oak barrel maturation.

Bulk Barrels

  • Uniform, HDPE barrel construction allows oxygen to permeate through container similar to oak barrels, as wall thickness can be adjusted as needed.
  • Seamless barrel design’s molecular structure does not allow water or alcohol to permeate the barrel side-wall, so there is no leaking or topping requirements like wood barrels.
  • FDA approved HDPE construction is virtually maintenance free, and easily cleaned and sanitized before reuse.
  • Initial acquisition cost for stackable system is only about half of wood barrels with an indefinite useful life.
  • Oak planks or chips can be strategically inserted within Bulk Barrel to meet targeted flavor objectives reducing the risk of “over-oaking”.
  • Patented cylindrical design within a square stackable framework comes with sanitary top and bottom opening and can be customized with sample taps, racking valves, and any other accessories essential to quality wine making.


image1115Traditional Oak Barrels

  • Assembled wood staves and headboards with outer steel enables leaking between seams.
  • Progressive clogging of wine solids within wood pores decreases annual permeation over time.
  • Wood stave seams allow water and alcohol vapor to escape-Requiring Routine Topping.
  • Annual maintenance must solve ongoing bacterial contamination and leaking problems.
  • Initial acquisition cost for comparable stackable system can start at $7.00 per gallon, and useful life is only 3 –5 years.
  • Entire Oak construction can provide too much flavor, too quickly creating an “over-oaking” situation.
  • Requires separate framework or handling pallet to facilitate movement within and outside a cellar.
4 Barrel 240 Gals. 242 lbs. 46″ 46″ 54″
5 Barrel 300 Gals. 263 lbs. 46″ 46″ 62″
6 Barrel 360 Gals. 283 lbs. 46″ 46″ 70″